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Systems & Process Audit

Our team of consultants are like digital sherpas, helping to get your organisation where it needs to be with skill, expertise and a proven methodology.

It all starts with a Systems & Process Audit half-day Workshop.

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We believe in working smarter, not harder.

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To take your business to the next level, you need to first understand where you are and where you are going!

Our Systems & Process Audit Workshop is designed to quickly identify key areas of your business that needs critical attention.

Unlock your people’s maximum productivity and impact. 

 Empower your teams with the tools and support they need to deliver their best care and service everyday

Bust bottle-necks with software tailored to your needs. 

 Transform your operations by selecting the right fit for your unique approach and requirements; we’ll guide you every step of the way. 

Save time, energy and resources by automating tasks. 

 Increase efficiency and eliminate wasted effort by creating helpful and intuitive workflows that carry the load for you. 

Via are tech consultant for ambitious Australian businesses. 

You want to scale and grow, but you are stuck; let us help you find the right technology to get the job done and keep your team focused on what matters. 

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Meet our team; Val and Dorian.

Experts in all things technology, we have all the know-how to get your technology humming, no matter how gnarly your current set up is. 

Software Selection

Enabling clients to reach the summit of technological efficiency, serving as trustworthy guides, research experts and masters of the terrain.

Digital Strategy

Employing a personable, pragmatic and proven approach to digital optimisation through a comprehensive understanding of software, people and processes.

Change Management

Empowering businesses to provide the highest quality service and care by bridging technology with people and business.

Software Implementation

Helping businesses successfully implement current and new software products.

Project Management

Crafting detailed pathways for each organisation to leverage technology while increasing efficiency, bolstering communication and reducing friction.

Continuous Optimisation

Striving to remain a long-term reference point for all future technological, strategic and project management needs.

The change was night and day; Via was there every step of the way coaching, guiding and implementing.

After a management restructure, our company IT systems were left in ruins. Although a new system has been introduced, the team was struggling to adjust. Via Technology was invited to assist with change management, training and system setup. Via achieved a successful implementation within the established timeframes and minor budget adjustments to accommodate a more adequate payroll solution to complement the CRM’s insufficient features.

Our team actually loves the technology we use now; Via was able to implement and train our staff on our new systems.

After we received an end of life notice from our previous software vendor, we were in a panic to find a new solution. Thankfully we were referred to Via Technology who helped with a swift selection and strategic implementation for a replacement product within 3 weeks! I love their hands on approach to implement the software and train our staff. They are technology experts and I would highly recommend them.

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