Software Matchmaking

Trust us to find the perfect software solutions for your service business. We'll identify and customise a suite of programs to unleash your organisational potential.

We connect with the core of your business; your people.

By meeting with and gathering perspectives across the organisation, we can produce a well-rounded snapshot of what is needed to transform your tech.

We recommend the most functional software programs that are directly linked to achieving your company goals.

We'll start by doing the heavy lifting and research, presenting you with a short-list of software targeted for your crucial outcomes and mapping every integration.

We'll connect you with the right software providers to educate your team and understand the technology we recommend.

We'll equip you with everything you need to progress forward with a new approach, new software and new optimism for what your team can do with technology.

What we do to help match you with the right software.

Large-Scale Organisational Assessment

1:1s, group workshops, surveys with leadership team, management and support worker base

Analysis of current pain points, issues, and strengths - on a deeper operational level

Identify key data flow throughout the organisation

Map business processes (usually a set number per each department)

Functional & Goal Based Software Recommendations

Identify key requirements (functionality, features, automation) and priorities: non-negotiables, essentials, nice-to-have extras.

Map software eco-systems including integrations 

Research suitable software that match requirements

Present a shortlist: a small selection of top matches

Scenario-based use cases

Onboarding & Ongoing Analysis

Vendor management - Demo scheduling & attendance, debrief after each demo

Findings and Recommendations report

Providing all the information for business leaders to take an informed and future-proof decision

Our other services to help your business thrive.

This is Dorian, one of our consultants ready to serve your ambitious business.

Dorian comes alongside businesses like yours to identify and strategise around your unique needs. Our team specialises in recommending and implementing technology to transform your operations.

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